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Rustic industrial dining tables: key features and benefits

Rustic industrial dining tables are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no surprise given the many benefits they provide. In this article, we look at the key features and benefits of rustic industrial dining tables, how they are made, and the different finishes available.

What materials are best for a rustic industrial dining table?

Reclaimed timber

The most noticeable feature of a rustic industrial dining table is usually the timber top. Oak and pine make fantastic choices for rustic tabletops, due to their strength and durability.

While it is possible to make the tabletop from new wood, reclaimed timber gives a far more rustic feel. Mother nature and the elements create a natural patina, making your dining table completely unique. Using reclaimed wood is also much better for the environment than using virgin wood, because it reduces the need to cut down trees.

At Rusted Wood, most of our reclaimed timber is over 100 years old as the quality of timber from that time is extremely high. We source this timber from old manor houses, canal locks and mills around Europe and the UK.


The most common material for the frame is steel. It is strong enough to hold the weight of a timber top and is less prone to rusting than other metals.

Steel can be finished in various ways to create your perfect look, for example, silver, brushed metal or powder coated. The frame can also be built in different ways to suit your tastes – styles include cube frame, X leg frame and U frame.

How are rustic industrial dining tables built?

Wood preparation

It is important to retain the natural beauty of the wood, while still ensuring it is fit for purpose. That’s why a lot of care is taken during the preparation stage.

After checking the timber is of high enough quality, and free from cracks, loose knots and rotten wood, we then get to work on preparing it. This usually involves scrubbing, sanding and planing the wood, cutting it to size and shaping it.

The processes will vary in length depending on the condition of the wood and the finish required. Some people prefer a smoother finish, while others like the rugged natural feel of old timber.

Fix the top together

We use individual planks or beams of wood for the top, and these need to be fixed together once they have been prepared. The way the planks are fixed will depend on your specific design, but in many cases, they will be butt-jointed together.

Build the frame

Some furniture makers source steel frames from external manufacturers, but at Rusted Wood all our frames are fabricated by our in-house team. Once the steel has been treated, we build the sections of the frame, ready to be fixed to the tabletop. For ease of transport, the frame will usually be fixed to the tabletop once it has been delivered to your home.

What individual finishes are available?

When buying a rustic industrial dining table, it is important to decide what type of finish you would like in advance. This will ensure the wood is prepared properly. If you try and do DIY staining, varnishing or painting at a later stage, you could damage the table or end up with a complete mess.

It is also essential that you specify whether you will be using the furniture indoors or outdoors, as outdoor furniture requires different treatment.

Natural look

Wood is naturally beautiful, so it doesn’t require lots of fancy chemicals or colourings. A simple oil or wax coating will protect the wood, and you can reapply this every six to twelve months to keep your table looking its best.


It is possible to stain the wood if you prefer a slightly darker or even charred wood appearance. The wood will still need to be sealed after the staining process is complete, and the type of staining may be dependent on which type of sealer is being used.   

Varnishing or painting

If you want a clear, polished finish, varnish is available in satin, matt and gloss, and can be applied to natural wood or stained wood. It is also possible to paint a tabletop using paints that still allow the natural light and dark grain of the wood to show through.

Rusted Wood finishes

At Rusted Wood, we offer a range of beautiful finishes for our tables:

Why choose a rustic industrial dining table?

There are many benefits to choosing a rustic industrial dining table. Here are just some you might want to consider:


Using reclaimed materials is far better for the environment than manufacturing new ones. 


The timber we use is of the highest quality, and all our tables are built to last for generations.


Every piece of wood we use is completely unique, so your dining table will truly be one of a kind.


Rustic industrial dining tables look great in any setting, whether classic or contemporary, domestic or commercial, indoor or outdoor.


There’s a reason that furniture makers have been using wood for centuries – it’s strong, durable and naturally beautiful.

Find out more about our bespoke rustic industrial dining tables

At Rusted Wood, we create one of a kind furniture using the highest quality materials. Browse our range of beautiful industrial tables for inspiration or get in touch with our friendly team if you are looking for something completely bespoke.  

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