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Terms & Conditions


Once an order is placed, customers have 5 days to cancel the order. As our items are made to order, we do not accept returns unless there is a fault with the item In the unlikely event that there is a fault, we would also always look to resolve any such issue before a refund was given 


Due to the nature of our timber being reclaimed, there can be splits, knocks, bumps, holes, notches etc and no 2 pieces are ever identical in both exact appearance and can be colour differences. Each one will have it’s own unique characteristics that add to the charm of having a completely one off piece. Please specify if you want slightly less rustic planks. However, due to the age of the timber, there can still be splits in these. These are our Industrial plank version that are butt jointed together and although we will sand and plane to be as flat as possible, will not be completely flat an can expect some seasonal movement as with all timber. We cannot be held responsible for items being stored in an environment not suitable for the materials used. As the are natural products, there will be natural changes dependant on the environment. 

All measurements are within an approximate of around 5cm giveaway depending on how much may need to be taken off during the manufacturing process. 

Steel is degreased and then given a coat of WD40 helping to enhance the natural colour of the steel. We recommend a coat every 6 months to clean and brighten up the steel.

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